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Me = Slow

Yay, I’m speedy. I’ve just found out that this has been listed under Personal Weblogs: N for almost two weeks now. Well, at least it’s nice to know that that category is being looked after reasonably well.
I really should visit the SETI@Home site more often – there’s a whole wealth of information on there. What amazes me is that collectively users have sacrificed nearly a million years of CPU time to the project, and the collective computing power produced – over 27 Teraflops (trillion floating point operations), which is far higher than any supercomputer. All I can say is that I’m glad to be part of the club, even if I only rank 1576865th. Still, with SETI now working much faster on here, I should rise in the ranks pretty soon. I’m already over a quarter of the way through unit 7, and I reckon I could be on unit 8 by Monday or Tuesday.
By the way, the Vorbis petition now has 834 signatures.

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