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SETI Stats

Just stumbled across my SETI stats page – although I don’t rank too highly, it appears that I’ve done more work than most. Work unit 6 has taken longer to get here since my dad switched the computer off when it was nearly complete, thus corrupting the files and meaning that it had to start from scratch. That, and having to shut the computer off earlier in the week due to the instability. Still, I only have 30% to complete until I finish.
Talking of finishing things, I’ve completed my batch of blanks in Blankbusters. Just have to wait for the next lot to arrive :). The project is really making a difference – the numbers of blank sites have been visibily falling and it’s certainly possible that we can eradicate blank sites from the project within 6 months, at my estimate. Though having said that, I estimated that the ODP would reach 3.5 million sites on 25th February yet it only reached 3.25 million yesterday… I think that Robozilla may have had something to do with it though – it set us back by a week or so.

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