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Java – beyond the joke

Java applets are really starting to drive me around the bend now – it seems that nearly all of the sites that I’m blankbusting use them, often unnecessarily. I partly blame Microsoft, for including them in FrontPage as an alternative to JavaScript rollovers. While Java as a language is very useful (it’s what I’ll be learning in September for my degree), on web sites it merely slows down browsing and rarely acheives anything that can’t be done using HTML. It’s a case of ‘just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should’. Same goes for those annoying JavaScript scrollers in the status bar, marquees, background music and disabling the right-mouse button. I’m glad I have the Proxomitron handy, which, by the way, was upgraded 5 days ago to Naoko-4.2.
So, apart from cursing web pages, I’ve mostly spent the day blankbusting – I’ve nearly finished working through my current batch actually. Chris from Lockergnome also revealed something top secret to me and the Xteq guys, but since it is top secret I won’t divulge the details just yet. So there :).
I’ll also be upgrading the screencam code soon, so that it uses a JavaScript popup window. And I’m now reasonably confident that the system instability has gone away (for the time being at least), since the computer failed to crash overnight. Phew.

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