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Okay, so here’s the explanation

Okay, so here’s the explanation for the lack of updates: I’ve been busy. And here’s what I’ve been doing:


Not much to report, though I did stay back at college a little later than usual to get some help from the Maths department about a rather nasty homework. The afternoon was then spent working on the help file for X-Setup 6.2 (the latest beta uses the 6.0 help file I wrote over a year ago :)), and although I did type out a blog entry, a system crash wiped it.
Yes, briefly, my computer returned to its pre-fixed stage, whereby it would randomly crash if left on standby and thus require a reboot. I do believe it had something to do with Optimizer XP which uses the Inno Setup routine to optimise your system settings. However, I fear it may have tripped some setting, so I did a system restore and everything appears to be okay now. Despite what people say about System Restore hogging resources, it really is a life saver.


Today was the last of my university open days – this time it was the turn of Bradford. My dad decided to accompany me – probably because mum and dad came with me to Manchester on Sunday and mum became all nostalgical, and with dad being a Bradford graduate he obviously wanted to see how things had changed (or not). All in all it was a good day – it is now my second choice (since Newcastle is out of the running due to my potentially disappointing Maths results) and was better than Northumbria. The accommodation left a little to be desired, but there were good computing facilities – all rooms have phone sockets and dial-up net access is £40 a year unlimited (to put it into context, that’s how much you pay monthly for broadband at home), which also includes free internal phone calls. Okay, so UMIST has ethernet, but this isn’t bad. Better than Newcastle anyway, which is supposed to be one of the best Computing places in the country…
Wednesday night is Ventures night, and so we went swimming at Archbishop Holgate’s school. We got plenty of time in the pool, and I enjoyed myself quite a lot – I’m still recovering from tiredness though – I really did exert myself. Unfortunately yesterday I missed the Student union elections at college, so I couldn’t vote. Jane, my ex-girlfriend, failed to get the position of Entertainment Secretary (my friend Matty was the entertainment secretary until yesterday), but Holly D from Ventures did make it to vice-president, so I’m happy for her. I couldn’t nominate myself since I’m in the upper sixth (and therefore not around next year), but would have liked to have voted given the chance. Darn open days.


So, today. It was my last day at college before the Easter break (wahey!), and Computing was cancelled so I only had two lessons. Though I did have to drop buy Tesco to buy a French stick for lunch – we were out of bread, though it smells like mum has made some more. Yes, we have a breadmaker, and yes, it’s great. It makes really nice loaves, actually, and it works out cheaper for making specialist breads. And it’s healthier since you don’t need to add preservatives. Other than being at college, I’ve spent the day working on Blankbusters at the ODP – it’s a project to rid the directory of web sites with blank descriptions, by adding them. I seem to have ended up with a load of education websites from Walsall (a lot of the UK education sites are without descriptions, I think because they were added in bulk and never sorted) – although I realise it is making a positive difference it can get a little repetitive. And I was amazed at how many schools have sites that are under construction – some haven’t been finished in 3 years or more. In fact, one personal homepage hadn’t been updated in nearly 4 years, and was offering audio to stream in… wait for it… RealAudio 3.0! How times change… though at least back then it wouldn’t have had all of the spyware in it. I’m sticking with 8 – I’m in no hurry to upgrade to RealOne.
The Vorbis Petition is now at a wopping 752 signatures… the only way is up :). And if you’re wondering, my French coursework went in on Tuesday – I was just over the target of 700 words, and I think it was a reasonable attempt in the end. Let’s just hope my French teacher and the exam board agrees :).
Anyway, since I’m still recovering from Wednesday, I’d better sign off for the night – see you tomorrow morning, the first day of the Easter Hols! Woo!

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