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Mooching around Manchester

Sorry for yesterday’s double post – Bloggar told me that it hadn’t worked so I sent it again and so it appeared twice…
Anyway, that report of yesterday’s visit to Manchester. We caught the 09:14 train out of York (which for a Sunday morning is very early – sometimes I’ve not even woken up by then) and were a little late into Manchester Picadilly due to electrical problems near the village of Micklefield (basically the lights were defaulting to red unnecessarily). I had a visit to Chandos Hall first – the one that I had visited on my previous visit, then onto Wright Robinson Hall, which actually I found better. The rooms are reasonably large, and all have ethernet connections to access the internet and the university intranet. It’ll certainly be my first choice, since it is situated just above the student union and is literally a stone’s throw from the Computing department, which is where I will probably be spending most of my time while I’m there.
The third hall I visited, the Grovesnor Buildings, felt like a young offender’s institute, and had very small rooms. I don’t think I’ll be applying there…
We then went into Manchester, where there was a St Patrick’s Day parade. We went to Sinclair’s Oyster Bar – a pub which also serves food at lunchtime, and very good food it is too. We also did a little bit of shopping, before returning home to York.
I now have just under 100 more words to write on my French coursework, so I’m on target for getting it in tomorrow, thankfully. And the Vorbis Hardware petition now has 385 signtaures, so it is heading fast towards its target.

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