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Presenting: the RSS feed

I’ve now got quite a cool new feature – an RSS feed. Normally, as a Blogger user, you’d have to upgrade to Blogger Pro, but by using a PHP script provided by anyone can have one. It’s just a case of updating your template slightly and adding the link to their site. Easy, eh?
I stumbled across enarra’s weblog from the ODP chat room today. enarra, real name Julie, is a meta editor at the ODP, and she (occasionally) updates her blog with interesting tidbits. A quick check of my BlogDex Report reveals two new links, one from Sid Chism and one from Slobokan, so thanks to you guys. I now rank at #40366 in BlogDex’s all time link index… not exactly high but maybe a few more links will help it bear fruit 🙂
If you like Ogg Vorbis, then I urge you to sign this petition. Its aim is to encourage hardware manufacturers to support Ogg Vorbis in digital music players, alongside MP3 and WMA. A very good idea, I think. I’m the 37th person to sign it, and 41 people in total had signed it at time of writing – please help make a difference!
The first beta of X-Setup 6.2 is now out (earlier than I expected) – visit to download it!
Oh well, I’m off to submit this to Ciao!

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