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Mixed bag of results

Well, I’ve got the results, and it’s a mixed bag. I didn’t do very well in Maths – in my Statistics retake I got the same grade as last time (D), and my Pure exam I only managed an E (in fact I was only two marks from failing it). Fortunately I have the option of retaking it in June, which I won’t pass off. Better news in the other subjects – in Geography I raised my grade from a D to a B, making a B overall in the subject, and in I did the same in French. It does, however, mean that Newcastle University is out of the question – I’m sure to be turned down without a B in Maths and at the moment I really can’t guarantee that. But I think UMIST, which is my first choice, is still in the running because they are more flexible with grades.
More good news – I got accepted as editor of York College (well, I think it was a reasonably forgone conclusion that I would do :)) so thanks to chasm for accepting me. I’m still debating whether to include Super Squirrel amongst the sites, though…

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