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Editing the college

Good morning! I’ve made another request to be a category editor – this time for York College. Hopefully being a student there may help my cause :). Talking of the ODP, it seemed relatively quick this morning, with not one timeout. That either means that the problem has been fixed, or all of the yanks haven’t woken up yet so the server is under less stress. Either way, I just wish it was like this all the time.
I’ve spent the morning worrying about exam results – the results of my retakes in January are out today so I’ll collect them when I get it. To be honest, I’m not incredibly confident about doing well, but I’m still hopeful. And in any case, the best result stands, so if I’ve done worse this time around, then I won’t be at a total loss. I’m mostly worried about my maths results, which is annoying since I need high maths results for university.
I spent last night writing a new CLI Codec for dBpowerAMP – in a few days you’ll be able to encode MPEGPlus files too. I’ve sent the file to Spoon, and he has replied to say that he received it, but it isn’t available to download as yet. But I’m sure it will be soon.
Today is CptSiskoX’s birthday – 23 years young. Happy birthday, Anthony!

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