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Bloody Blogger

Apologies for the late arrival of last night’s post – unfortunately Blogger was having a few troubles so the page never reached the server, though it was added to Blogger’s own database so fortunately I didn’t have to retype.
I’m in the LRC at college at the moment – Computing has been cancelled since my teacher is away so I’m just making use of a little free time on the ‘net. It also allowed me to print off this article about Canal+, the French TV station, as well as its related article. I tried it at home but it appears my Epson printer may have developed a fault. Having talked with Richard from FutureCom it appears it could be a common problem – he had it too. Basically, it prints the first page, then wheels it through, but keeps on going. It doesn’t draw down the next bit of paper, and even pressing the power off button does nothing – I actually had to unplug the printer from the mains to stop it.
Today is No Smoking Day in the UK – it’s an attempt to reduce the 40,000 people who die prematurely from smoking related ilnesses every year. And being an asthmatic, I’m all for it – why should I have to suffocate on other people’s smoke?
By the way, if you understand French and follow the link to Canal+, make sure you visit the page about Les Guignols – it’s the TV show that I attended in Paris, and the web site is very funny. A knowledge of French politics might also be useful.

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