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Killing KaZaA

The ODP seems to be slowly getting towards normality, though it is still much slower than it should be. While I’m keeping up to speed with site submissions, I’m not going to do any serious editing, due to all of the timeouts I’d get. At the moment, it’s a game of chance as to whether anything you do actually happens, and if it does, has it happened twice? Eurodance and the dBpowerAMP forums haven’t been incredibly interesting either, and I wasn’t able to find much of interest in any of the Gnome newsletters. And as for the Xteq guys, well we’re deep into X-Setup 6.2 discussions (I think Beta 2 is due out very soon) so not much to enlighten you with. Though Anthony did post a link to this site which contains a number of Windows XP tweaks, many of which were new to us. They’ll be in X-Setup pretty soon, I imagine.
Latest word from my parents on the laptop is that it’ll be a birthday present – although I specifically said I’d like it “by September” I wouldn’t mind having it sooner (particularly as I’d like to climatise to using a laptop, after being so used to using a desktop). And as my father said, the quicker I get a laptop, the more chance he has of using this machine. But then again, he rarely asks to use it, and I’m sure I’d be able to extract myself from it if he needed it.
I’m currently running KaZaA at the moment. And I’m hating it. You see, I’m more of an AudioGalaxy user, which in terms of system resources is quite light (though it does send the in/output on ZoneAlarm mad when it is running). KaZaA, on the other hand, comes with a shedload of spyware, and is incredibly bulky. In fact, my CPU hasn’t dipped below 95% usage in about 5 minutes. Though that might have something to do with AdAware running to detect any new nasties that may have been brought in with the evil program. It’s not even finished, yet it has detected 10 new components. Memory tells me that KaZaA requires the evil Cydoor advertising system to run, but most of the other junk can be removed safely.
What’s more, my current download (the original mix of “Gouryella” by Gouryella – it’s blocked on AudioGalaxy) has just under 2 hours before completion. Ho Hum.
Ah, AdAware has finished. It’s found elements of Aureate, Cydoor, DoubleClick, ValueClick and a couple of others. Another ho hum.
Anyway, my vision is deteriorating, and at 21:22 I’d better hit the stack. See you tomorrow!

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