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I’ve been reading a couple of other blogs today – namely (brother of Randy “Furo” Nieland) and Ramblings of a Code Monkey, and found this parody of a MSKB article (beware of strong language). And if you’re wondering why I’m browsing around, it’s because the ODP is still suffering technical difficulties, making it almost impossible to edit. Apparently it’s due to a huge amount of tasks in the catmv queue, though don’t quote me on that – that is what a certain meta told me and therefore it isn’t an official staff announcement.
You know this laptop I keep talking about? Well, I still don’t have it – it looks like it could be a birthday present at this rate (put Saturday 25th May in your diaries!) – but I need a name for it. I follow the great tradition of naming my computers, usually after past girlfriends. Currently I’m using Marianna, and my old 486 was called Jane. Trouble is, I’ve not had any girlfriends since then (3 years…) so I need some ideas. I’m thinking of a girl’s name, preferably 2-4 syllables and ending in an ‘a’ – Melissa is my current favourite though with a computer virus having the same name it may prove difficult. Any ideas are welcome.

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