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Newspaper fashion

Last night at Ventures was interesting. It was ‘my night’, ie I had to organise it. It had been pre-decided that we’d do a ‘fashion parade’, but using newspaper and cellotape instead of fabric, and we’d have to dress up as cartoon/fairy tale characters. I say we, but I actually didn’t take part – you see, all the characters were couples (eg Marge and Homer Simpson, Peter Pan and Wendy etc.) and there were 19 of us (8 girls and 9 boys) so I stood out and ahem… co-ordinated it. It didn’t go too badly actually, and I got a chance to try out our new disco equipment, even though I still don’t really know how to use it. That’s what I like about computers – they have an F1 key.
CptSiskoX has finally updated ComputingX, including an interesting article about DR-DOS 7. He also sent me this spoof article from SatireWire.

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