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Analysing Affiliations

I’ve spent a bit of time this morning working on Affiliations – I might as well claim who I’m working with so other editors don’t accuse me of bias. In fact, with the exception of the Sash! entry none of them are on my categories. I will add more once they’re listed in the directory – if I list them then they have less chance of being listed elsewhere in a more important category. Specifically, I’ll be adding George’s and CptSiskoX’s sites.
Lockergnome, incidentally, exists in 10 categories, and is the highest ranking site in Windows 98 FAQs, Help and Tutorials – putting it ahead of the MS Knowledge Base. Nice.
Today’s the day my HE1 Higher Education Funding form goes in, and fortunately Computing is cancelled again so I have a longer lunch break. But having said that, I have a lot of Maths homework for tomorrow and preparation for a mock French oral to do, so it’s hardly a day off. Then at the weekend I’ve got a minor Computing project to complete (in place of lessons) and to start my French coursework, which will include analysing Lionel Jopsin’s canditure speech for the French Presidential Elections in April. Wish me luck.
And another person who needs luck is Ciaran Hamilton – he’s got his Driving Theory Test today. Let’s hope he passes…

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