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Christianity vs Evolution

This article from The Observer has been troubling me. It was published in late February, but I was reminded of it today, and a second read made me realise how shocking it is.
The article goes into detail about attempts made by right-wing religious groups in America to have Darwin’s theory of evolution removed from syllabuses, as well as other ways of forcing people to believe the Bible’s version of events against those of other cultures and religions. This sickens me. Although I generally avoid religious discussions (since if I say my point of view they turn into arguments) I can say that I’m an atheist who subscribes to Darwin’s theory. Admittedly I was baptised into the protestant Anglican Church, but I wasn’t even 1 year old at the time so I had no real option. I think it is irresponsible of these people to try and insulate the American public of other theories, particularly when these theories have some kind of fact behind them. The only evidence to prove the theory of creation is the Bible and a few philosophers.
I also think that law-makers in the States forget that their country is very multicultured – how would a muslim, buddist, hindu or jew feel after being told that they were wrong? Perhaps we (as in the US, and the UK too) should look to the French political system where religion is kept well away from politics and education.


  1. I read this article and it reminds me that not may people think the way I do…that one does not have to separate science from religion. “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This is a quote from Albert Einstein, who I am sure many have heard about. It’s just a matter of doing research and creating the link between the two.

  2. i think that no one should be forced to believe anything , but being a christian i believe in creation. look outside at the sky and tell me that happened by chance its so beautiful it had to be created by the Lord.

  3. I am a christian to.And I believe the earth was made by God alone.Not by some big bang theory.God said let there be light.And light was made period.Thank You

  4. despite my own firm belief in Creationism, i do admit that those who demand the removal of the evolution theory from syllabi are naive, because we cannot simply “force” one belief upon everybody. however, i wouldn’t say much for the “facts” behind evolution, since they are not much more than really good but nevertheless non-concrete pieces of circumstantial evidence.
    also, to say that the “only evidence” for creation is in the Bible is to be a bit misinformed. there are a number of scientists who are Christian (not to be confused with Christian Scientists) as well as non-Christian scientists who admit that there are other theories beyond evolution. for instance, there is a very good theory about how carbon-14 dating is unreliable when dating antediluvian (pre-Flood) artifacts/fossils. again, no hard proof, only Very Good Circumstantial Evidence, but if it could be proven then it wouldn’t be called faith.
    essentially, i believe that it takes just as much faith to subscribe to evolution as to creationism. why is it so hard to believe that an invisible but personal Creator purposely designed the world, rather than that the world is a freak accident of Nature (which we all know to be so orderly and deliberate and fair and self-aware, right? not really.)? perhaps because it poses a sense of moral responsibility upon people, and they don’t like that. electrons are invisible too, but i don’t see anybody protesting that theory. just something to think about.
    at any rate, you have a Constitution-given and GOD-given right to believe what you wish; this is known as your natural right or free will. however, i personally believe in a Creator, and i still have hope that the created people of this planet will someday love and acknowledge Christ (who is God, and the only way to go!). have a nice day 🙂

  5. There may be a slight discrepency in the way that the first article was written. The author states that he is sickened by the fact that removing a THEORY!!!! from our textbooks will automatically be forcing people to believe in creation by an omnicient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God. Two problems arise right off the bat. Modern evolution is taught in todays classrooms as if it were a fact. Anyone who believes in creation is portrayed as an unhealthy, uneducated, individual. If we are so concerned with not forcing any way of thinking down anyone’s throat, then shouldn’t creation be given just as much hearsay as evolution? Instead, the argument is given that we should separate God and religon from schools because someone of a different religon may become offended. This is, in and of itself, showing preference to one religon over another. The author states that France has a system in which religon and education are kept way out of reach of each other. However, the author is also repulsed by the fact that if evolution is taken out of textbooks, this will cause an insulated environment in which creationism will be forced upon everyone. So in adopting France’s way of thinking, evolution would be the only thing being taught in places of learning. Thus, creating a reverse insulating affect.
    I would also like to point out the fact that evolution is still a very hotly contested THEORY. Now, every time i point this out to any of my friends, i am laughed at like i have just come out from under a rock. As if i have foolishly not been paying any attention to all of the “FACTS” confirming evolution. My fellow truth seekers, there is a reason that evolution is still a theory. It is because no facts have given undeniable proof that that is how life came into existance on planet earth. This is the point at which you scoff and say, “There is a huge stockpile of evidence which prove evolution to be true.” I again propound to you the question, “Then why is it still called a theory?”
    One more issue that i would like to address is the whole,”Don’t offend any person of another religon or culture.” I know truth to be absolute, and that tolerance of another person’s religon does not mean that if they’re beliefs contradict truth, then i have to cowtow and just accept they’re flawed point of views. For example, if a certain sect says that 2+2=5, then i should just accept that because to deny that lie would be intolerance of another person’s religon. No way Jose!!! To do so would be regressive and society would eventually have no basis of what determines right and wrong.
    I do not care how multi-cultured we become, there is still an absolute truth. If it just so happens that this truth goes against your beliefs or theories, you best make haste and get on the right track.

  6. i jsut got this to say..take it however u want…imagine i put a piece of paper down and crayons resting on top. I dont care how long you wait those crayons are not gonna just prance up and draw a picture unless there is a creator to draw so. i think my point is clear. everything earthly has a creator

  7. I am asked plenty of times why human DNA is 99% effective while being compared the same to monkeys and apes. Yet, I only respond that evolution is just a THEORY. Of course, as well, there are many proven facts that Darwin’s theory is not true or even possible. I would like to be able to find the facts on it, (I lost the memories of them). But anyway, I think it’s possible that we might have changed from neanderthals but never primates. So if anyone out there could gather out some facts somewhere before I do, and email me at then that would be lovely. But again, If we evolved from primates then why arent they extinct today and why does Darwins theory only prove that it is a theory and not a law or a true fact?

  8. i dont understand how a person cannot believe in god. because if one doesnt believe that their is a god, than that means their is no right or wrong. that means that 9/11 was alright. that their is nothing wrong with killing or forcing someone to have sex. also how can we just be here for nothing. why do we as people have a hunger to know what we are here for. how can we all have different finger prints. how can one say that we have no soul, when we obviously have emotions. without a soul we would be robots.

  9. I found this entry because Neil mentioned it in a newer entry. Wow, it looks like it brought in some people from the search engines. The comments seem to be one sided, where are all the atheists when you need them? Oh well, I’ll add my own thoughts anyway… (I like carissa’s comment, by the way):
    I like your blog Neil (and I don’t even know you!), but if you base your religious/political discussions on articles from The Observer, then I’m glad you usually avoid them 😉
    I admit that I’ve heard of people who want to completely abolish Darwin’s theory from school rooms, but most of the concerns are from Christian parents who don’t want evolution to be presented as the *only* theory. Any real scientist would agree. It is ironic, though, that the religous folk’s are upset that evolution is being taught religiously in some schools.
    I am a Christian. I completed high school biology and had no problem with the way Darwin’s theory was presented — hardly anyone in the class was paying attention anyway. It seems some kids these days have other things to think about than the vain questions of the origin of life and the universe. oh well.
    Being a Christian, I believe I, and everything else, was created by God. It is important to note, however, that Creationism and old-Earth theories are not mutually exclusive unless you interpret Genesis’s “day” as a literal day (and most Christians I know do not).
    It is also worth noting that Darin’s theory of evolution deals with two distinct levels: the evolution of one species into another, and the evolution of one species to adapt to its surrounding. Many Christians have a problem with the first because it allows for human evolution rather than direct creation. Some Christians, on the other hand, don’t see a problem with that because God could have “created” humans by causing them to evolve. Christians only have a problem with the second level of evolution out of ignorance because they were taught that “evolution is bad” without taking time to observe the various breeds of dog they own or the color of skin of people from different climates.
    I have never seen any evidence of species, or macro, evolution, so I currently subscribe to the directly created by God theory. But that might change, and it doesn’t matter. The origins of physical life or the universe don’t matter much to me (and I only get frustrated thinking about it). The important thing for me to know is that God created my person (soul/spirit), my body won’t last long anyhow.
    > I also think that law-makers in the States
    > forget that their country is very multicultured
    > – how would a muslim, buddist, hindu or jew feel
    > after being told that they were wrong
    Jews, Muslims, and Christians share the same creation story. That article you link to is telling them that they are wrong. But that’s okay, I would guess The Observer’s readership is not very multicultured. You don’t seem to be concerned how the Christians feel being told they are wrong — why other religious groups? Why anybody at all? If someone is wrong you shouldn’t try to make them feel bad, of course, but don’t hide the truth. As that one book says, “tell the truth in love”.
    Kenan D. Carey was getting at this in his comment, but I think he fails to realize that Creationism is no more fact that Darwinism. They are both valid theories in my mind, and should both be taught.
    > i dont understand how a person cannot believe in
    > god. because if one doesnt believe that their is
    > a god, than that means their is no right or
    > wrong.
    God != morality. There are numerous ways to explain morality without a god. Maybe morals are memes developed (evolved) much like genes which serve to enhance and propogate a species.
    I am a Christian, and love God more than anything else. But I can easily understand how someone, an intelligent someone, could not beleive in God.

  10. For decades our children have been forced to learn this deteriorating theory of Darwin’s. Why is this not an issue, because you ascribe to it?
    For the FACT that creation has more merit than evolution, I guess this scares people, but it should also be taught alongside, so our children will have the knowledge to decipher the truth for themselves.