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Solving the cooling problem

Remember the problems with my fan? Well, rather than get another one, I really should have followed this guy’s advice. Now, where’s my sledgehammer?
Spoon has released dBpowerAMP Audio Player Release 2 Beta 2 – most of the modifications are in My Music Collection – the right-click menu now has icons on the menu, and has been cloned to a button on the toolbar. It also lets you open Windows Explorer on the folder containing the selected music file, and lets you refresh the ID tag of the audio file from the MMC entry. To top it off, there are now a number of third-party skins available – some are actually quite good, though I still prefer the original XP style skin.
Not much happened – I’ve spent the morning clearing out my Downloads folder of duplicates and programs that I no longer have. That’s the problem with having a broadband connection – often I don’t think twice about downloading programs and as a result download a lot of junk that I never get around to deleting.

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