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Driving into RAM

Not a hugely interesting day today. I’ve mainly been browsing DaelNet for web sites to add to the ODP – I think I got about 15 in the end, though most were already listed, and a few were better off in places outside of my editing privilidges. It does mean that North Yorkshire has passed the 1600 site mark, and York passed the 400 site mark too.
I now have a new drive… Z. It’s a RAMDrive, using MS’s official driver. It’s only got a 1MB capacity but could come in useful, I guess. That means I have 6 drives now, A,C,D,E,F and Z. Beats having 2, like on my previous computer (that was before the CD-ROM was fitted). I don’t know how I’d survive with a 400MB HD nowadays – I managed to fit Windows 95 and a few other things on it, but quite how I don’t know. I guess back then programs weren’t quite so bloated as they are now.
Oh, and Lasgo got to #4 in this week’s UK singles chart – way to go, guys!

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