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Extreme Ironing?

There are some very weird things on the internet, and this is certainly one of them. And so’s this.
Haven’t done too much today, other than reorganise South Yorkshire even more – I’ve now created subcats for Grimethorpe, Wombwell and Penistone, where some of my family members are burried (my Great Uncle Alec and my Great-Grandmother, as well as probable others that I don’t know of).
Good news from dBpowerAMP – Spoon announced in this thread that the next release of Sveta Portable Audio will support the Samsung Yepp E-series (which includes my player)! That means I’ll be able to do away with the horrible Yepp Explorer software, and may mean that I can use Windows XP to upload and not have to descend into the mess that is my Windows 98 installation. Yes, I will re-install it… sometime soon…

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