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N64 Killed My Son

Today has been a little bit of a slog – I had my Geography essay to finish first thing this morning, and then had to be in college. Fortunately, it’s all done and dusted, and homework-wise this weekend shouldn’t be too difficult.
CptSiskoX sent me this: N64 Killed My Son!. Sometimes I dispair at some people. If she (the mother) wins this case then there has been a serious miscarriage of justice – Nintendo have done a lot to get across the message that computer games can cause fits and seiziures, and it’s clear that this guy has ignored them. The question is – who’s the biggest idiot? The guy who ignored the warnings, or his mother for suing the company?
If you don’t know about Darwin then here’s your chance to find out. It’s the core of Apple’s superb OS X (which as a PC user makes me very jealous), but it also works on x86 platforms. It’s open source too, though not under the GPL, and the binaries are a 300MB download, though a CD is available for purchase. While I doubt it, this could signify a move by Apple into the PC market, and I’m sure I won’t be the first to embrace them. Way to go guys!
My SETI progress is now 5 units – the 5th unit got delayed because of the crashes and my Paris visit. Unit 6 is now at 5.393%.
Finally, this humourous photo cropped in the #ODP chat room. See you later!

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