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Saying no to spyware

Forget what I said about a short lunch hour – Computing was disbanded after about 10 minutes since all we needed to do was type out a simple program for writing to files, ready for the next lesson (Monday). However, I’m doing it now since it needs to be saved on my college work space and I’m hopeless for remembering disks, or remembering to turn on my FTP server. The program is in Turbo Pascal, which I hate because it is DOS only (okay, you can run it from a DOS Window, but it’s not the same). I prefer a nice UI, preferably of the G variety.

TeXHeX, the main man at Xteq, finally updated my profile with my new details – he also used E-Cloacker to mask our addresses from spambots. As a group we do occasionally get unsolicited mail from companies trying to talk us into including spyware (or scumware if you prefer) – don’t bother guys, we are not interested. In fact, I’ll talk the guys into including a “We are free of Scumware” button from the aforementioned site – if you’re a programmer and have the same attitude as us, I’d recommend you do the same – perhaps we can help discourage people.

Talking of spyware, I’ve just found a few nasties on this computer at College – namely something called ‘SaveNow’ which seems to pop up random adverts (I have Mike Lin’s Startup Control Panel on my work area, just in case I see something I don’t like).

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