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Painful access

First thing this morning the internet was still being a pain, but it seems to have returned to normal now.
Another new Security patch, for Windows 2000 and XP users – see 2000 and XP respectively. No TechNet bulletin as yet, though. You probably won’t have to reboot after installing it, either – at least, I haven’t on WinXP.
I’ve found another reason to install Linux… LMME. It lets you access MSN’s IM network through a Linux computer, and although it is still in Alpha, it could prove uesful if I decide to jump on the open source bandwagon when I get my laptop. I’m looking at Mandrake, since I have it on CD-ROM (admittedly it’s an old version – 7.1 I think) and it seems to be the easiest to use. And since I shouldn’t have a WinModem to worry about, using the internet shouldn’t be a problem – that’s what has put me off being experimental in the past.
Ever wonder what the Open Directory Project servers run on? Now you know, courtesy of editor rpfuller. I never knew we had a Quake server…

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