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Introducing: the sidebar

Where’d that sidebar come from? Yes, I’ve finally added a sidebar with my contact details and various links. Chris is the only person linking to me at the moment, hence the rather sparse ‘Other blogs’ section. If you link to me, drop me an email!
Talking of which, I’ve made use of E-Cloaker to convert my email address into UniCode to help thwart the evil spambots. And there’s my ICQ number there too, should you wish to start a conversation/argument with me. And a guestbook, which I would be really happy if you could sign. It comes from Xavier Media, and is incredibly customisable, as you’ll be able to see when you visit it. I’m not after your personal details, so don’t publish your email address unless you want to, but I’d like to know how you got here and what you think.
Anyway, I’m about to sit down to Pasta Carbonara for dinner, made by mum using a Jamie Oliver recipe. See you in a bit…

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