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Wonderful Webmastering

Hello! Just a quick post before I go to doctor’s for an asthma checkup – I’ve been drinking water all afternoon to make sure I can produce a reasonable urine sample. I’m sure you’re all incredibly enlightened by that.
In case you don’t know, Lockergnome has just launched yet another newsletter, this time a weekly one for webmasters, in co-operation with Sausage Software. It looks interesting – if that sort of thing tickles your fancy, sign up at the Lockergnome home page. That means I’m now subscriber for 6 out of the 8 available – I don’t subscribe to the Penguin Shell (used to before Christmas, but lost interest since I don’t have Linux and wasn’t quite so keen on Tony’s writing style) or the Tech Digest, but I do get the daily newsletter. Actually the Tech newsletter was the last I subscribed to, and to be honest, now that I’ve subscribed I’m kicking myself. Like Chris and Jake, Randy makes his reports interesting for people who are only slightly interested in the subject. In fact, I usually only read the first part of Jake’s newsletter – it’s that bit which I like the most.
I now have a virus scanner in Windows XP. Well, actually, I’ve had once since Saturday, but forgot to post it here :). I got rid of McAfee 5.0 in the end, and am now using GriSoft AVG 6.0. It’s one of the few XP-compatible ones, and it is free to anyone not in mainland Europe (so that includes the UK). There is also a professional version, which is available as a 30-day trial – Europeans have to use this.
I have used AVG in the past on my previous computer, but removed it since it was hanging on Windows startup and the only way I could boot up was to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to end its task (and often a few others). So it got the kick, eventually. This time, no real problems – Windows did say that it had crashed the first time I ran it, yet it carried on regardless. I have however disabled the system tray applet because it was really hampering system performance – everything was noticably slow, particularly as this computer is only just competent enough to run Windows XP. But I can still run it every weekend or when I think something funny’s going on. I’ve still got McAfee 5.0 on Windows 98, though.
Which reminds me, later this week I’m going to need to reinstall Windows 98 – it’s reached a level of instability that makes it impossible to use for more than about 20 minutes. I am going to need to seek advice first though, as somehow I need to retain its multi-boot abilities. I’ll also have a look at adjusting partitions so that my D drive is larger – there’s quite a bit of wasted space on C that could be used on D. Though on the other hand, after May I almost certainly won’t be using this computer so much, since I’ll have my own laptop, and not at all after September, since I won’t be here, so it probably won’t matter. Though my parents will need to be able to use the computer still, so I’d better get Windows 98 working while I’m still here….
Ooh.. it’s gone 3pm – time to go for my check up – see you later!

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