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Darn NTL

Houston, we have connection problems… again. This time, it is taking an age to find servers. Eugh.
Nothing much to report from the doctor’s, other than my lung capacity has increased since my last checkup (three months ago) – that means my asthma medecine is doing its job properly.
Here’s an amusing article from the #odp chat room on the subject of Google’s indexing bots – apparently they will even index servers that have robots.txt files telling them to go away. The difference is that the result won’t appear in the directory, but may influnece the page rank rating of the site. Interesting.
Yay! I’m in the web archive! You can see what this looked like on Thursday 7th February 2002… okay, so it’ll only take you back 19 days but give it time… And apologies for the double-posting earlier, I’ve only just had time to fix it – I only noticed it when I’d hit the ‘publish’ button…

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