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Blogging in the Observer

The Observer ran an article by Andrew Sullivan in their News Review section (which doesn’t appear to online sadly) about blogging, and included the obligatory mention of While Bloggler is by no means the best blogging system out there, it certainly is the most popular, and for all its faults I still love it. In fact, I’m very tempted to part with some money for the Pro version, though I’d like a look at Radio first – Randy Nieland uses it for his blog. Yup, now two of the Gnomes have blogs – Chris is still keeping his C:\ blog going. In fact, if you count Gretchen, that makes three of them.
Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I’ve only just discovered Computer Stupidities – a collection of mostly true stories of stupidity on the part of the less computer literate out there. Some of them are very amusing, but it sometimes beggers belief at how stupid some people are – even my parents aren’t that stupid. In fact, my grandfather is probably more PC-literate than some of the people there.
Talking of amusing PC web pages, have a look at this spoof MS site about ‘MS-Linux’. Never knew that GPL = Gates Private License…
Over at the ODP, after spending the morning sorting out Doncaster Business & Economy I updated UK Localities with the new localities that I’ve created in both North and South Yorkshire. Or rather I requested the updates – I’ll have to wait for someone to add them. I’m now about to set down to create UK Millennium Projects, a future category which I’m putting together. Not an easy job, but someone’s gotta do it…

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