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Returning to the run of the mill

Yup… back to the updates of little interest to anyone… I’m in the LRC at college, waiting for the painfully slow internet connection to load pages on dMoz. It used to be fast until they added more computers to the network – one T3 connection for several hundred computers really isn’t all that adequate. As I look over my shoulder, I see a few people hogging the bandwidth with pointless Flash movies – don’t get me wrong, Flash is a good thing when used properly, but when you’re sharing an internet connection with someone who browses one too many Flash sites, then you’ll be wanting to rip their head off pretty quickly. Darn bandwidth hoggers, as the people in #ODP would say…
Microsoft have released yet another update to Windows XP, this time to fix problems with chkdsk.exe. I installed it this morning, thus meaning I had to reboot for the first time in 4 days. Actually, I just turned the computer off and left it, so when I return I’ll have to boot it up. Since optimising my system (by clearing out unwanted services) using a link I found in Lockergnome last week (I’d give it to you, but with this connection being so slow it’ll take me until next year before I found the issue with it in), booting up has been somewhat quicker (1 minute 30 secs, a saving of about 20 secs), and booting from hibernation now takes a mere 20 seconds. I haven’t noticed a big difference in operating speed but no doubt there has been one – it certainly is quicker than Windows 98 ever has been.
Actually, if you’re at all interested what I’m using at the moment, I’m sat behind a Dell Optiplex GX110, which includes some kind of Intel Pentium III processor, 128MB of RAM, 10GB HD and no CD-ROM. Windows NT 4.0 is the OS, with IE5.0 as the browser, though Netscape 4.7 is also available. We’re running Novell NetWare with Novell ZENWorks for distributing applications across the network, and Sophos Antivirus (supposedly) stops viruses/vires running around. I say supposedly since a certain Word 97 macro virus ran around the network before Christmas, infecting a number of student’s files (including my own). Fortunately it wasn’t a destructive one – it just blocked access to the VBA editor. I’m off to French now, see you all later :).

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