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Have UMIST something?

Another apology for the lack of updates – I’m still ‘re-habilitating’ after Paris, so I’ve been doing less casual surfing and therefore haven’t found much that’s really interesting on the net. That, and I’m still rather busy.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to my first choice university UMIST for a look around. I of course went by train, which was a few minutes late out of York, since a Virgin train had been terminated at an earlier stop so it was carrying more passangers than usual. Being the son of a former BR staff member, I get free first class travel, so that’s where I went, and it was considerably less crowded than standard class (though I do support Chiltern Railways in removing first class from its trains to reduce overcrowding). Both Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly stations are being rebuilt, so getting off at Manchester was interesting – following the way out signs lead my out of a completely new exit, which fortunately was more convinient for UMIST. Though since I got there very early I popped into Morgan computers to see what laptop computers they have (I’m in line for getting one for university) and just to see what else they had in stock. I was tempted to spend

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