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Postcard from Paris

Where have I been all this time?! Paris, actually :). Admittedly I’ve been back in Blighty since late on Wednesday night, but I’ve not really had the time to write a lengthy entry in here. Well, I do have the time now, so I’ll keep you up to speed on what happened…

We left at about 7:15am on Thursday morning – ironically we had been told that we should be there for 6:45 to leave at 7 but 7 was when the coach arrived. Despite the delay we made good progress, and despite an over-long stop at Bishop’s Stortford services on the M11 (a bit of a construction site at the moment – they’re building some new access roads into the nearby Stanstead Airport) we managed to make an earlier than expected ferry across the channel. The seas weren’t exactly calm, though the crossing wasn’t too rocky, fortunately, and I spent the crossing playing Cluedo with some fellow classmates.
Travelling down included a stop at one of the larger French Aires, where I picked up a copy of Windows News (a major French computing magazine) to read – I pick up a copy every time I go across to improve my French skills – and a bottle of Orangina Rouge (not available in the UK). Though having said that, most French computing terms are the same as in English, so understanding articles is relatively simple.
We arrived at the hotel about 8:30pm, though actually parking the coach was difficult – to get through some of the narrow streets around the hotel we actually had to physically move some of the parked cars. Once we had dropped of our bags and emptied our bladders, we went to a nearby restaurant for our evening meal, which wasn’t particularly appetising – some kind of p

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