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Tone Zone

I spent last night trying to get some decent customised ringtones for my Alcatel phone. Unfortunately Alcatel use a different syntax to Nokia (which is what most mobile sites use), though I came across Ringtones4All which did have Alcatel tones. also have a link to UniRing which does a good job at converting ringtones from Nokia to other formats. Since my mobile only has two spaces for custom tones, I now have “The Final Countdown” by Europe and “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay. Since there are only 3 tempo settings the speed isn’t quite right on either, but near enough.
Although my phone won’t accept ringtones by SMS like Nokia phones, I find it interesting how people are prepared to pay quite a bit of money for a ringtone, yet will use a file sharing client to download the actual song for free. Strange.
I also spent last night and this morning putting together a guide to using mobiles in France. When I was at the meeting a few people were asking about it, and my French teacher clearly didn’t know much, so I knocked up an idiot’s guide based on information from the UK networks. Plus points go to Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, who had easily navigable sites with the information easily available. Genie on the other hand, were useless. I’m certainly considering moving to Virgin when I turn 18 (and am therefore old enough for a contract phone) since they seem cheaper than other networks, and students get a 10% discount. And their roaming access is cheap – calling the UK from abroad is only 55p/min and receiving a call is 30p/min. To put that into context, making a call in the UK at peak rate on my Vodafone tariff costs 35p/min – more if I’m calling a mobile on another network.
Editing in Yorkshire and the Humber is proving to be a little more difficult then I expected, since it as well as including the four parts of Yorkshire it also includes what used to be south Humberside (now North Lincolnshire and North East Linclonshire). Unfortunately there is little provision for this, so it’s going through discussion. But once I’ve sorted out a few descriptions I’ll probably be able to move onto another category – I have my sights set upon South Yorkshire; it’s in a slightly poor state and will get me a lot of credit if I fix it. As you may be able to guess, I’m aiming at editing at England level sometime in future :).
Only 4 days until I go to Paris! I’m really getting excited now. Though I need to calm myself down and write a Geography essay.

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