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Lately I’ve been downloading the ITV Digital adverts, featuring Monkey and Al, played by Johnny Vegas. They are really funny (if that sort of thing tickles your fancy) and have acheived cult status – that explains the large link on their home page. I’d love to get a toy monkey, but it means actually signing up with them, which would be pointless since we already have a perfectly good package from NTL. If you do download the videos, bear in mind they’re in MPEG format, and one of them is getting on for 35MB, so if you don’t have broadband you’ll be there for a while.
One interesting event I forgot to mention yesterday was that someone decided to put the end of a French baguette on our door handle. I don’t know whether to get angry or to roll around on the floor laughing. Today my dad also found that he’d accidently thrown out one of the packs of rechargeable batteries out with the rubbish, so that’s

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