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I say, I say, I say…

…it’s 02/02/02! Yes – one of the few days when the American date format and the date format everyone else uses matches up (most people use dd/mm/yy except the Americans who use mm/dd/yy for some bizarre reason…).
Today’s number is 32. That’s how big my AudioGalaxy log file is, in megabytes. Though once I’ve finished using it it’ll get deleted – I dread to think how defragmented that file will be. And besides, I’ve got better things to do with that 32MB.
My hair cut isn’t as short as it could have been – it is still winter, remember – but I don’t look like I have a mop on my head any more, which is a nice change. So now I’ll be spending the day moulting bits of hair that didn’t get brushed out 🙂

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