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Yorkshire is within my grasp

Yay! I’m now editor of Yorkshire and the Humber! Trouble is, there were over 50 sites to review when I started, with two Robozilla errors. Looks like I have a lot of work to do this weekend.
We had a meeting about the Paris trip today – I’ll be sharing a room with two people from Lower Sixth that are in my Computing class, so it should be good. Only 6 days to go!
Tomorrow I’ll be getting my hair cut – I’m starting to look rather 70’s-like, so it needs trimming. I’ll probably go for the usual short back and sides (#2 in case you’re interested). Unfortunately this weekend will be a mainly homework-ish weekend – I’ve ended up with a load of homework and while most people have got the whole week to do it I only have until Wednesday, due to this French trip. But hopefully I won’t have too much to do over my (shortened) half term holiday. It’s just a pity that I miss Pancake Day…

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