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Green Blitz

I lost patience and went to clear out all of the unrevieweds in North Yorkshire, including those in categories where editors are listed. So now there are 1512 sites and nothing waiting :). Talking of the ODP – February is green-bashing month in the Bands and Artists branch of the ODP, with the aim of cutting the number of unreviewed sites to something more manageable. The target is over 200 per day, and I’d say it was probably acheiveable. Though admittedly my categories are clean, so unless I apply elsewhere I’m not going to be much help.
Since most of my French lessons were cancelled this week due to subject reviews, I have a little extra time off this morning, though unfortunately I have to forfeit coming home for lunch since I have to attend a meeting about the trip to Paris. Only 6 days now!!!
I made some very good timing this morning – I managed to catch SETI clicking over to its next work unit. My fourth took 206 hours to complete, making a total of 723 hours for four units. Not impressive, but then again I probably do exert more strain on this computer than I should – although it meets Windows XP’s minimum requirements most magazines seem to suggest it is underpowered.
Anyway, I’d better do some Maths homework. Toodles!

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