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We’ve been plaigirised!

If you saw someone walking around Dringhouses last night in a large blue coat with a brick under their arm, it was probably me. At Ventures we had a scavenger hunt – basically you have to find an object corresponding to each letter of the alphabet, and I decided the ‘B’ was going to ‘brick’ – after all, there were bonus marks for originality :). Admittedly, my team came last, but it was a bit of fun.
Shock horror! We’ve been plaigirised! A certain company called FreshDevices has plaigirised X-Setup. Okay, most tweakers seem to perform each other’s tweaks, but these guys actually copied our plug-in descriptions without credit. And it looks like we have the internet media on our side – see 3DSpotlight (scroll down a bit), Chris Pirillo (permanent link) and PC 911 (scroll down to News).
Talking of Chris Pirillo, he’s put a link to this blog on his blog page. Thanks Chris! Once I get some free time, I’ll offer a more permanent link in return 🙂
So, today. Well, it’s French homework mainly, and then some Maths homework, with a little bit of college stuffed in for good measure. Trouble is, I lent my calculator to a friend in my Geography class on Monday, and have yet to get it back. Looks like that Windows Calculator will be coming in useful. Talking of which, if you haven’t picked up the WinXP Powetoys, I recommend you do – it has a graphic calculator toy in it that I’m sure finding useful.

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