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It’s official – I have been wooed by Trillian. Chris has been plugging it a lot in his Lockergnome newsletter – I’d tried it once but wasn’t so sure about it. This time around, I’m much happier. You can use my MSN address (totalxsive at hotmail dot com – don’t spam me please), my Yahoo! address (sashworld) or my ICQ number (149181635). I actually only signed up for ICQ today and immediately I got a message from a random person called Linda. Just in case you’re interested, I don’t accept messages from people I don’t know, unless they introduce themselves from an entity that I know (ie “Hi Neil – I found your blog and think it is superb/excellent/amazing” – delete as appropriate :)). And anyone who spams me will suffer the consequences – that’s why I use my alternative email address on ICQ.
My sound has disappeared again, though it has held out for 3 days, which was when I last rebooted. It has been recurring a bit more since I accidently put the sound card back in the wrong port – ah well, can’t be bothered to move it. Besides, playing a CD using the good ol’ analogue system still works (ie playing directly to the sound card from the CD-ROM drive) so why bother :).
Only a week to go now until I invade Paris – my Euro notes arrived today from Marks and Spencer (they seem to have the best rate of exchange since they don’t charge any commission). I have 3x€20, 4x=€10 and 2x€5. I think the €10 notes look the best, but I like the idea of having different sized notes for each denomination – it will certainly benefit blind or partially sighted people who rely on touch to deduce what value each note is worth. Now all I need to do is spend them, and get a few Euro coins :).

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