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Reviewing Newcastle

Whew! What a day! College was interesting – since I was going onto Newcastle later on I had to was forced by mum to wear my suit… you wouldn’t believe the number of funny looks I got. Especially since I was more smartly dressed than most of the teachers…

After I finished Maths I jumped on a Park & Ride bus – this is York’s 10 minute shuttle bus between car parks on the edge of the city and the city centre – not cheap (£1.50 for a single – £1.60 for return) but generally quite reliable, especially off-peak. And one of the termini (?) is just next to college, and it stops at the railway station too :).
Once at the railway station I walked over to platform 9 where the train was due – as I did a Doncaster test train pulled in, hauled by one of the Royal class 47s (named “Waverley”). It then departed, and a Virgin HST pulled in. Originally it was going to be 6 minutes late, then 3 minutes, then on-time, and finally 2 minutes late. But considering it had come from Bristol it was doing okay for time. Ask anyone about the reliability of Virgin Trains and you’ll get some kind of negative response…
I was in Newcastle by 12:20pm, so I had time to do a spot of shopping, though I didn’t actually buy anything. The advantage of Newcastle University, and in particular the building that I was due to meet in, was that it is right next to the main shopping area (next to Haymarket Metro station, if that means anything to anyone).
The course I’m taking there, BSc Joint Honours in Mathematics and Computing Science looks like a good course, and the university itself isn’t bad either; the accommodation certainly looked better than Northumbria. Verdict: probably my second choice behind UMIST, but since I have yet to visit UMIST that may change. Though on paper at least, UMIST looks the better all-round university. I also got my AS6R letter from UCAS – this is the final form that I use for confirming my university choices, though fortunately the deadline isn’t until 26th April, so I have plenty of time. It also confirmed my declination from Edinburgh.
Oh well, it’s off to Ventures I go. See you later!

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