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Bug attack

Oh no! It’s the attack of the ‘a’ bug! Along with the ‘n’ bug and its various companions, it brings havoc to anyone editing at the ODP by slowing down the loading of pages whenever a site starting with ‘A’ is reached. Another bug that happened yesterday was that the editor forum had -559858 new messages. Go figure.
Looks like there’s another darn worm about. If you receive an email from a friend about photos from a party, play cautiously, particularly if it mentions Yahoo!. See this page from Sophos for more information. If you used an NT-based OS (NT 4.0, 2000 or XP) then you may end up with a trojan, posing as a file called msstask.exe.
Not much else to report today, though since I’m going to be here, there and everywhere tomorrow I’ll be mostly doing homework today.

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