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In search of peace and quiet

Darn system fan. It’s been making roaring noises on boot up all week, but now they are persisting. I got my screwdriver out and removed the furry layer of dust that had accumulated on the fan blades, in case it was getting stuck, but it made no effect. I also removed my internal 56k modem – I’ve not needed to use since I got broadband, but have kep it in there simply because I couldn’t get the modem cable out. Fortunately I managed today, so I just needed to lift it out of the PCI port and then unplug it from the sound card. I later found out that I’d put the sound card (also removed for ease of access) got put back in a different PCI port (I have 4, plus 3 ISA ports). Windows XP didn’t seem to mind too much though; it just re-detected the hardware on bootup and installed the relevant drivers. Whether the experience will be as nice with ickle Windows 98 reminds to be seen. Anyway, I’m now wearing headphones in an effort to drown out the noise of that bloody fan. It looks like we’ll be needing a whole new power supply, but fortunately not a new case, as one of the guys at the Lockergnome Newsgroups suggested. I’m actually glad it isn’t the processor fan that’s on the blink – now that would be disasterous…
In case you haven’t got it already, download dMC R8 – came out earlier this week, actually. Beta testers also get try Release Candidate 1 of dBpowerAMP Audio Player – the latest version looks even better now, and appears to be less buggy. Bring it on! There’s also a new FLAC codec and an updated Monkey’s Audio codec for loss-less audio fans.
Okay, now the sound has gone again. Why it has gone I don’t know, since I’m not running Windows Media Player, but it looks like another reboot. Argh!

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  1. Hi. For the last couple of days, whenever I boot up, windows media player appears automatically. I’m guessing it’s some kind of spyware. Any ideas on how I can stop it happening? Thanks.