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Do you speak TWAIN?

I’m in good ol’ Windows 98 at the moment… needed to relieve my dad’s camera of a few photos of our dining room. Unfortunately they didn’t come out too well, it seems that when the flash is off everything is too dark, yet put it on and everything is too bright. You can’t win, can you?
The dBpowerAMP forums are back! After an initial catch-up session I’m back on top with postings – it has been upgraded to YaBB 1 Gold SP1 so there are some nice new features. The beta forum has also moved there – it’s hidden from view, but anyone who can post there gets ‘dBpowerAMP Beta Tester’ besides their name when they post. So now I’m a YaBB Moderator, YaBB Senior Member and a beta tester too :).
Besides listening to the UK top 40 and Dance Anthems on Radio One and watching Time Team I’ve been working on my statement for my subject review in French tomorrow. To be honest, I haven’t been such a good student this year, so it’s full of ‘could improve this’, ‘must attend this’, ‘must do more of this’ and so forth.
Finally got around to a virus scan today too – totally clean, according to McAfee VirusScan 5.21.

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