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Turned down by the Scots

I now have replies from all 6 universities on my UCAS form today – Edinburgh finally got back to me, but only to turn me down. I’m not too worried though; with five other offers – four of which are probably attainable – I can’t complain. All I need to do now is make my mind up (I’m currently set on UMIST as my first choice, followed by Newcastle) and then let UCAS know by Friday 26th April 2002. I also need to sit down over the weekend and apply for a student loan – although my course doesn’t start until September I’ve been told by a number of university admission tutors that if I leave it to the last minute I won’t get the money at the start of term, and maybe not even until February of the following year. Ouch. Fortunately the application form is available online from the Department for Education and Skills as a PDF file, and although true online applications won’t be available until April, it beats having to prise one off my LEA (City of York Council). And they also have a guide to the form to download – it’s a Word document, so those with MS Word 97 or better can go through and reduce the text size so that it doesn’t take up 50 pages when printing…
I spent most of this afternoon compiling this list of ODP editors editing in categories in England. I used a tool by theseeker to do it (though only ODP editors have access to it), so thanks go to him – it would have been a lot more difficult otherwise 🙂 Talking of the ODP – North Yorkshire had no new submissions today. I think that must be a record.
I’m convinced there is an army of Ben Elton fans on AudioGalaxy – one of the songs I share is the Farties Guide To Trains sketch, and almost every time I log on someone wants to download it. Weird.

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