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WMP vs my sound driver

Just another quick post before I sit down to some Maths homework. There definitely seems to be an incompatibility between Windows Media Player and my sound card driver – it seems that whenever I get part way through the second track of a CD, the computer suddenly becomes unable to play sound until I reboot. There is an update to my sound card driver on Windows Update but while it seems to stop this occuring, it introduces the new problem of popping when the computer is low on system resources. Fortunately, as Chris Pirillo found out in yesterday’s Lockergnome Windows Daily, the driver rollback feature in XP works a treat, so I was able to go back to the lesser of two evils. Handy eh?
Talking of Lockergnome, I tried out the BeOSWin utility today. I have installed BeOS in the past, though I had to remove it due to lack of disk space, but it was a good OS – the problem is that at that time I only had a 56k analogue WinModem so I couldn’t use it to access the internet. Nowadays I have cable, so if I get a new HD I may give it a spin – the card came with drivers for a multitude of OSs (Linux and FreeBSD were included) so it’s worth a try. Anyway, BeOSWin. It does a good job at emulating the BeOS menu, but while you can activate it easily, deactivating it and reverting to the taskbar involves a reboot (which is inevitable after that darn Windows Media Player mishap). And you have to configure it manually – it doesn’t pick up your existing settings. But at under 40k, you can’t complain really.

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