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Alarmed by the Zone

I think ZoneAlarm was the cause of my SETI problems – I added an IP address to my ‘safe list’ and suddenly it spluttered into life. Weird.
Yesterday was quite a day. The Geography exam was relatively easy – I answered all of the questions, and while I seriously doubt that I’ll get 100%, I’m reasonably confident of doing better than last time. Well, doing better than last time isn’t exactly difficult… After finishing my exam I trawled into what remained of my maths lesson, and then slouched off home, where I promptly collapsed for a few minutes, due to exhaustion.
As part of being a Venture Scout, I have to help raise funds for the group, and one way we do this is through disco hire. So, last night was spent doing a disco for the Girl Guide group that shares our HQ. It meant playing 2 hours worth of cheesy pop music for getting on for 100 girls, most under the age of 12. But on the whole it went well, despite a few minor hiccups. It was our first disco since having the equipment stolen (and subsequently recovered by the police, albeit in worse condition) over Christmas. Unfortunately, we’re still missing a crossfader and almost all of our music, and to be honest the equipment that was recovered isn’t that safe to use; but it was all insured, so we’ll be putting some claims in and getting some brand spanking new equipment. Actually, considering we were surviving with 6 CDs in total, being able to survive for 2 hours was good going, in my opinion. Even if we did play “Don’t Stop Movin'” by S Club 7 four times…

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