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A nice cup of panic in the morning

Today’s the day of my Geography re-take – I have this morning to panic (and to finish my French coursework). I’m reasonably confident that I’ll do better than last time, though I don’t know quite how much better. I only need to gain about 5 more marks to improve my AS grade but I guess the more the merrier (and therefore less pressur to do well in the final exams in June).
If statistics interest you, then you’ll go mad for UK 2002. It’s the official government yearbook for this year, and contains facts and figures about a broad range of subjects. It’s available as a 4.83MB PDF document, with maps and tables as extra downloads – the whole lot weighs in at just under 8MBs. Beware, however, as the full document is nearly 600 pages long.
Last night I introduced my father to the world of digital image editing. He decided to have a play around with some of the photos he took over Christmas (I might upload a few, actually), and was very impressed by the capabilities of Ulead’s iPhoto Plus 4. The program is no longer available, which is a pity because it is dead easy to use, and very powerful. I do have a copy of Serif PhotoPlus 7 for hardcore image editing (it’s not quite PhotoShop, but it’s getting there :). We’ve been registered Serif customers since even before we had a PC (that’ll make it 1994), and so PhotoPlus came to us for only

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