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Fiddling with Windows 98

Thursdays are my mornings off, so I’ve got a bit of extra time to wake up before starting lessons – ironically the first lesson I have today was the last lesson I had on Tuesday (there were no lessons yesterday, remember). I’m actually in Windows 98 at the moment – I dual-boot with Windows XP Professional, which I prefer to use – this is so that I can empty my Dad’s digital camera of all the photos I/other people have taken with it over the past week, and to update my portable Yepp MP3 player, neither of which work under Windows XP. By the way, if you’re considering buying a Yepp player, don’t bother, since the software isn’t up to much and you can’t use an alternative program (such as Windows Media Player or Sveta Portable Audio). Or at least, that’s my experience, maybe Samsung have got their act together and made a better program – the utility that came with my E-Series was made in Borland Delphi.
Talking of dBpowerAMP audio products, dMC got a mention in the Ask Jack column in the Guardian today. This follows a couple of mentions in the Sunday Times last year.
Not a truly eventful morning though, so I’m now going to upload some songs to my MP3 player. Let’s see, we’ll have a bit of Ian van Dahl… a bit of Lange…

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