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Sweet nothings

What is it with the word “sweet”? The Encarta dictionary sums up what I know it to mean, yet I’m seeing a number of Yanks, Ozzies and Canadians (Americans, Australians and…erm… Canadians for those of you unfamiliar with those terms) using it as a replacement for “cool”. I know it existed amongst the youths of the US, but now even Chris Pirillo is using it in his newsletters! What is the world coming too?
(Chris, if you’re reading this, I’m not trying to say you’re uncool, or anything 🙂
The exam? Okay, actually, though I’m annoyed that I spent so much time revising least square regression lines, since the damn things never came up! And I made a pig’s ear of the Poisson Distribution. But on the whole, I think I did okay – certainly better than last time, when I got a ‘D’. The only downer was that there were only 6 other people taking this exam – the rest of the room were in the year below me and were taking the paper I took last year (I got a ‘B’ in that, if you’re interested). If you’re not a UK person and have no idea what I’m taking about, this PDF document from OCR may be of help – it’s only 4 pages and isn’t too waffly, and has a few nice photos :).
This afternoon will be spent lounging in front of the computer, probably, as well as squeezing in some revision for my Geography resit on Friday. And then I’m off to Venture Scouts this evening. Ta ra.

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