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Exam anxiety

Well… today’s the day I retake the exam – and I’m really worried. I’m sure I’ve not done enough revision… though I still have a few more minutes before I set off, so I should have time to cram in some more knowledge. And a good performance will take the pressure off next summer when I take my final two module tests – I really need a ‘B’ in Maths but it isn’t looking too rosy at the moment.
Here we go… Lockergnome DM has just arrived, with Jake going on about a new version of TextAloud and the GnomeRadio show. To be honest, I only read it for the first section – though sometimes there is something of interest in the rest of the newsletter, and I do like the idea of featuring articles from NMC. In case you haven’t heard the Brit Award nominations, they’re here.
Wish me luck :).

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