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Spicy solutions

Why does my mum always spice up every meal we eat? For dinner I had pasta and pasta sauce, yet it had more spice in it then your average chicken korma. I ended up drinking nearly 2 litres of water…
Finally started publicising links to this blog here and there – I plugged it in this thread in the Eurodance forum and briefly on the dBpowerAMP forums. I’m not tracking visitors, so I don’t know how many hits this is getting, but it may be getting the odd few. It’s a nice thought, anyway.
Lockergnome’s Bits and Bytes Newsletter pointed to this article about some trousers specially designed for gadgets – something I’d probably find useful. Trouble is, they’re known as “Dockers Mobile Pants”, which bring up images of a dock worker’s underwear. Remember that “pants” in British English is an item of underwear men wear around their middle region (see this page for more), and if you’re wondering, my pants come from Marks & Spencer.
Oh well, better get some more revision done – I have to say I’m rather worried about this exam since I haven’t done any work in class for it since May last year, with it being a retake. Wish me luck, ‘cos I’m gonna need it…

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