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Roast chicken sandwiches

Back at home, eating my way through a cold roast chicken sandwich. Since getting in, I’ve been through my emails (one from Lockergnome, but that was it) and have strode through the ODP Editor Forums. I can’t say what was going in there because I’m tied into confidentiality, but nothing too groundbreaking. Someone had submitted York’s Website to York – although I listed it, I take issue with the American spellings (it’s a British site, for gawd’s sake!) and the fact that they can’t spell Jorvik Centre properly. And the fact that the content is similar to most other guides to York that I’ve seen, just not as well presented – they’re actually charging for listings! There are apparently other sites in the ‘group’ for other UK cities, and while invariably someone will find it useful, I know plenty of other sites that would be better. Try this URL for a few pointers (yes… I made it :).
No post today (or at least, not for me) and still no change in the UCAS situation. The deadline for applications is today, so hopefully Edinburgh and Manchester will get back to me soon, though I doubt the news will be good. Still, I have 4 offers, all of them acheivable, so not much to worry about.
I should, in theory spend this afternoon revising for my statistics exam tomorrow morning (it’s a retake since I only got a ‘D’ in it last year) but I haven’t yet started. Fortunately tomorrow I have no lessons (the Y11s are visiting the college as a taster day, so all the students are kicked out for the day). As well as revising, I need to toast a Lasgo CD to take to Paris with me (only 22 days until I go… yay!) and erm… that’s it. What an eventful life I lead. See you later.

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