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Webspace search

I’ve just spent one and a half hours trying to find some free, no-ads webspace with a slightly less restrictive transfer rate. I’ve been to a whole load of websites (mainly from this category on the ODP) and found none that work. All I want is a host offering about 1 MB of space with no adverts (or a small advert at the foot of the page) and that doesn’t mind large amounts of traffic.
It looks like I’ll be sticking with Portland for now – still, I may upgrade to their premium service eventually since I’d like some decent space with plenty of goodies (PHP, Perl etc.) – I’m aspiring to be a web designer, and since f2s is stopping their free service in just over a month, I can’t use their services. It’s a cruel world.
Oh well, I’m off to catch up on some sleep, and watch TV – there’s Ground Force on BBC1 which is usually quite interesting, followed by Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Big Train on BBC2, so I’ll be glued to the box this evening. G’night.

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