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First (proper) post

So, I might as well make my first post here. I’m sat at home, straddling between various IE and OE windows trying to get the design right (I’m limited to 100Mb/month transfer on this server, so excuse the ‘minimalist’ design). College was interesting – Computing was the usual none-event that it always is and I spent most of the time reading my email rather than listening to the teacher. Well, I know it all anyway…
My progress on SETI@Home seems to be picking up – I’m currently on my third work unit, which was on target for 206 hours to complete (I’m at 53%) but seems to be catching up – my first unit was 162 hours and my second 200. I’ve found that giving the SETI program higher CPU priority while the computer is idle helps it get its work done quicker.
For some reason MSN Messenger wasn’t working earlier today, along with Hotmail (I use OE with Hotmail, in case you’re wondering). Seems to be working now. Weird.

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