I’m Neil, a UK-based queer higher education professional with interests in technology, social media and photography, and this is my presence on the web. I have a blog (here), and I am also on the usual social media platforms (and a few obscure ones).

Latest blog posts:

  • New photo albums on Flickr
    For the first time in a long while, I’ve uploaded photos to my Flickr photostream. These are mostly from various days out since August last … Read more
  • New new new new new iPhone
    Last week, I bought myself a new iPhone 13 Mini. This is the fifth iPhone model I’ve owned: As you can see, with each model … Read more
  • More in common
    Speaking of cars, a few weeks ago I was driving along the M62 towards Manchester, when I was overtaken by someone driving the same car … Read more

More about me

I’m experimenting with Mastodon as my social home in place of Twitter.