I’m Neil, a UK-based queer higher education professional with interests in technology, social media and photography, and this is my presence on the web. I have a blog (here), and I am also on the usual social media platforms (and a few obscure ones).

Latest blog posts:

  • Adventures in setting up Homebridge for HomeKit
    A recent project of mine has been to get Homebridge up and running. It’s a server-based program that acts as a bridge between smart devices […]
  • Solar, so good
    So, after spending thousands of pounds on a new kitchen, you would think that we’re done with home improvements for a while. Erm, no. Because […]
  • 21st-ish blogiversary
    Today marks 21 years since I started my blog, on the 14th January 2002. Back then, I was 17 years old, in the sixth form, […]

More about me

I’m experimenting with Mastodon as my social home in place of Twitter.